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5 tips to achieve amazing flexi rod results.

Posted on July 20 2019

@Himenatural used our products to achieve her amazing flexi rod results. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the same results: 

  • Apply the right products: The more hold you start with, the longer your curls will last. Our products such as our Jazz It Up Curling Custard or our Crescent City Styling Jelly would be perfect for achieving this style. They will provide the right amount of hold. 
  • Work on small sections: The smaller the sections you roll, the more precise your results. Smaller sections yield tighter curls as well. Even if you prefer larger curls, make sure your sections are no wider than one inch. This helps with drying time as well as giving more definition to the final style.
  • Detangle completely: Before applying a flexi rod, detangle each section thoroughly. A fine tooth comb is best for this step, but if your hair is very thick and you’re worried about breakage, a wide tooth comb will work as well. Make sure you work tangles out from the ends all the way to the roots. Spray our Bayou Splash Leave In Conditioner on your hair and detangle before apply the flexi rods.
  • Pay attention to the ends: You can start rolling from the middle or ends of your hair. Wherever you begin, make sure your ends are snag-free and that they wrap completely around each rod. Smoothing your ends during this step results in less frizz. Applying our Wild Magnolia Growth Oil to your ends will help smooth you hair. 
  • Let your hair fully dry: While you don’t have to style wet or damp hair, in the event that you do, allow your hair to fully dry before removing the rods. It may help to sit under a dryer to speed things along. If you remove rods while there’s any dampness, your hair will probably frizz.

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