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11 Tips To Get Perfect Twist Out!

Posted on January 26 2018

11 Tips To Get Perfect Twist Out!

1. It’s always best to start on clean hair! A twist-out is definitely achievable whether your hair is freshly or washed or not, but it will make life easier if your hair is clean. Plus, if you want to look like you stepped out of the salon, it’s essential. Curlygillachelle used our Big Easy Moisturing & Detangling Co Wash.

2. Trim your ends if necessary!  Healthy ends is the only way to achieve almost any hairstyle especially a twist out. Damaged ends will cause the twist out to look stringy and messy. Putting perm rods on the ends of your hair is a great way to sometimes cheat and cover up your non timed ends especially if you are transitioning, but trimmed ends are always best.

3. Style your hair on damp hair!  Twisting on soak and wet hair is a fail because you hair might not be dry the next day. Let your hair get about half way dry before styling. It’s not the best idea to manipulate hair in any way when it’s completely wet. Plus, it will give your hair the opportunity to stretch, creating a more elongated look.

4. Part your hair in four sections! Doing this step will ensure that your wash day won't end up in a tragedy and will also make your detangling process easier while going through your normal wash day process (pre-poo, shampoo/co-wash, and condition).

5. Applying hair products!  You can apply your product of choice as you twist or to each whole section. Curlygirllachelle used our Jazz It Up Curling Custard  in this video. For the best results apply the custard to each of the 4 sections as you go. Be sure to really get then ends of your hair to ensure they are extra moisturized.

6. Determine how big you would like your twist out to be! The size of the section you take depends on how big or small you want your twists to be. Curlygirllachelle did medium size twists and that gave her some amazing definition without taking forever to dry or to twist her hair. Twist the medium section of hair (applying some pressure but not pulling/or twisting too tightly). Twist all the way to the end (you can add a perm rod here if you are transitioning or if you want some extra curl during your take down process).

7. Make sure your hair is completely dry before unraveling twist!  You don’t want to take out your twist when they are even a little wet. IT WILL NOT turn out the way you’d hoped.

8. Coat fingers with oil before unraveling twist! Doing this will cut down on frizz. Curlygirllachelle used our Wild Magnolia Growth Oil. To take down the twists gently unravel/untwist them in the opposite direction that they were twisted in.

9. Take a pic or rat tail comb to fluff out only the roots of your hair. Do this process gently only to cover up any parting that may be showing. The more you fluff or separate the less definition you will have and the harder it will be to maintain this style for more than a day or two.

10. You can accessorize or leave the twist out as is. For bed time maintenance you are going to want to either pineapple the hair up and put on a hair scarf or head tie. You can also retwist the hair using the same method in the steps listed above if you are going for the same level of definition tomorrow. Becareful with the amount of product you place in your hair as you dont want your hair to be weighed down or possess a greasy film when you touch it.

11. Take some selfies!  Congrats!!!  you have achieved an beautiful twist out, take many photos and videos to remember your bomb hair day!

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